The consultation hours: From Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 12:30 from 14:30 to 19:00 Saturday from 8:30 to 12:30 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays closing the office day.



PLEASE NOTE THAT only doctor speaks English. Doctor may be in consultation. Please contact us by an email, NOT BY A PHONE.

To the brand new medical consultation center in Shirokane (Shirokane Sanko Clinic)!

Certified general practitioners (and also husband and wife) Dr. Eri Sato and Dr. Ko Sato, are proud to be able to offer their expertise and experience to diagnose and treat you and your family in the heart of Tokyo. We aim to bring something new to community healthcare in the area Dr Eri Sato grew up in. Tokyo has changed a lot since that time and there is now an unmet healthcare need for the increasing numbers of international visitors and residents within Japan which we are well placed to meet as both of our doctors lived in the United Kingdom for 5 years while working for the internationally renowned Cambridge University. Additional translators are not needed for English language consultations, and written reports can be provided in English if needed. Additional language services can be organised with advanced notice if required.

What we do

We provide a family care service equivalent to a family doctor in the US, or a general practitioner in the UK, with the high standards of patient care you would expect in Japan. Our physicians trained, and practiced in hospital medicine (ultimately certifying in anaesthesiology and surgical oncology) before establishing themselves in general practice. Therefore we are able to offer slightly more than a typical primary care might undertake. This includes diagnostic ultrasound, on-site X-ray, and diagnostic upper GI endoscopy in addition to blood tests and ECG’s.

Acute conditions that we treat include pain, missed periods, febrile illness, diarrhoea, vomiting, asthma exacerbations etc, but as a primary medical care facility, we are not a substitute for Accident and Emergency services (eg broken bones, acute visual loss, suspected stroke, severe chest pain, severe blood loss etc). We do not provide dental assessments.

We realize that sometimes people arrive in Japan without one or more of their regular prescription medications or find that the medications they have brought have expired, or run out. You might not be unwell, but you might feel uneasy about their absence. We are happy to help in this situation but need to point out that formularies in Japan may require us to offer equivalent medications rather than identical replacements. If there are particular considerations to the changes, we have to make these will be highlighted during the consultation. For example, changes in blood pressure tablets may require us to check kidney function and blood pressure a week after starting the tablet.

We currently provide vaccination for influenza, pneumococcus and herpes zoster.

Director Eri Sato

Diplomate in Primary Care of theJapan Primary Care Association・Instructor of the Japan Primary Care Association

Diplomate of the Japanese Society of the Anesthesiologists

Doctor Ko Sato

Diplomate in Primary Care of theJapan Primary Care Association・Instructor of the Japan Primary Care Association

Diplomate of the Japan Surgical Society

Characteristic of the clinic

Comprehensive service

We provide treatments for illness, minor surgery and dermatology. We also provide preventive medicine services such as diet & exercise therapy and bone mineral density.

English & Russian translators available

You can discuss about your health both in English and Russian (Russian language through a translator: Kindly book in advance to utilize these services).


We offer various investigations including blood and urine test, x-ray, ultrasonography and Upper gastric fiberscope.

Upper gastric fiberscope



Blood test


The bone density measurement

Meal kinesitherapy